Friday, June 03, 2005

Welcome to Steve's Ameripean Sojourn - 2005

What does Europe hold for an 'Ameripean' visiting in the age of George W. Bush? Find out as Steve Shultz (American from San Diego; grandson of Danish, German and Jewish-Ukrainian immigrants; and former resident of Denmark) takes a 3-1/2-week sojourn through the heart of Europe in June 2005.

Through his photographs and words, follow him from England to France to Denmark to Hungary to Holland and back to England again -- in search of old friends, Danish host relatives, Eurogames glory...and the elusive answers to the questions: What do Europeans really think of Americans these days? And where is Europe headed just as France and Holland vote resoundingly against the European Union constitution?

Check back regularly for updates and new photos throughout the month of June 2005.

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