Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Afrika" in Danish & English

My latest video project. A music video for the song "Afrika" by Danish pop stars from 1985. I've added cool bubble captions which automatically translate the Danish lyrics into English as the song plays ... so you can get the meaning of this beautiful song and hear how eerily similar so much of Danish is to... English! This song is sort of the Danish version of "We Are the World," and
raised money for the Danish Red Cross in support of African famine relief. It was popular the year I lived in Denmark as an exchange student, 1985-86.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

VIDEO - Paris & the French Open

Click above to view videoblog (8-minute video, WMV format, designed for Widows Media Player).

I'm happy to announce the first in a series of "Ameripean Sojourn" videos, each covering one of the European nations I visited on this trip. The videos feature special music (often popular music acts from and other music native to and/or specifically about the subject country); video footage; photo highlights; and text/voice-over commentary. Videos range in length from approximately 3 to 15 minutes each. (Note: In the video above, I must apologize to my Parisian host Marianne for spelling her name wrong in the video. Her name is Marianne, not Marrianne.)