Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Reunited with my Danish host family!

The Danish flag seems to fly everywhere in Denmark.

Host cousin Mai and my Danish host grandmother 'Mormor.' Her real name is Edith, 90 years young.

Fjodor gives my Danish host aunt Lone some lovin'.

Gry's son Magnus from Norway has his hands full with Mormor's dog Fjodor.

Going on a walk through Hornbaek.

A sublime Danish ice cream cone.

Mormor's house decked out for a Danish birthday.

Wth host cousin Mai and her father Bjoern at Mormor's (my Danish host grandmother) 90th birthday.

Host sister Gry, her hubby Simon from England, and their children Magnus and Mia, as well as Mormor's dog Fjodor.

Beautiful Hornbaek Lake, where I learned to ice skate one winter 20 years ago when it froze over.

With my Danish host mother Ea and host sister Gry on the shores of Hornbaek Lake

With my Danish host parents Ea and Jan.

Tea, her baby Vilde, and part of Ea.

With my Danish host sister Tea Agerup in Hornbaek,. The house I lived in with the Agerups 20 years ago is behind us.

With my Danish host cousin Signe. She was just a little girl when I lived in Denmark 20 years ago!

With my Danish host sister Tea, who now lives in Norway and has a beautiful new daughter named Vilde.

Reunion! Reunited 20 years after living with my Danish host parents Ea and Jan, at Ea's mother's 90th birthday party north of Copenhagen. That's Sweden across the water.