Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sweden Beckons

From Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden we go!

On the new bridge connecting Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden.

What's going on here?

...just chilling out next to a Swedish supermarket display.

The day we went to Malmo, Sweden, Swedish students had just graduated from high school. They celebrated by donning their tradition graduation caps and riding around the streets, horns honking, hands waving.

My Danish host cousin Rune and I enjoy some cheap Swedish beer, called "Pips Blue."

In the old part of Malmo, Sweden.

Danish mailboxes (just for comparison's sake).

Swedish mailboxes.

Rune and I in front othe Treleborg viking fort recreation south of Malmo, Sweden. This stands where a fort dating from the 900's once stood. It was part of the Danish kingdom under Danish King Harold Bluetooth, son of Denmark's very first king, Gorm the Old.

Audrey and I at a Stone Age gravesite in Sweden.

Denmark takes on Albania in European Cup soccer

Danish soccer fans.

Danish fans celebrate their soccer team's excellent performance.

And Denmark wins the game, 3-1! They will advance in the European Cup, Albania will not.

A real Danish "Roligan" soccer fan.

The Danish and Albanian teams line up.

My Danish host uncle Bjoern and I. You can see how they keep all the Albanian fans in one section of the stands -- to avoid any hostilities with the Danish fans.

Danish fans whoop it up.

Team Albania fans show off their country's fearesome flag.

Team Denmark takes to the field.

A "Roligan," or Danish soccer fan, before the big game.